Team CARE 2017 EN

The 1st Manual for Team Coaches: "Team-CARE, together we win" has been published by Marco Lagana‘ 

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The ebook for those working in TEAM, who want to make it work. For anyone struggling in the team but who wants to make a contribution and meaning to the daily work. Particularly the leaders, the coaches but also those working in HR human resources. For those who believe that team human capital is worth much more of the sum of individuals and of their cost, as long as the team functions. But how to make the team functioning? We need to take care of!

People are not talents per se’, but every person has talents, skills to be made available or at the service of others. It is up to us to discover, inspire, give them the right role and enhance them in the team, because together we win. If you have a problem at work, maybe you do not need to change individuals. You need to change the way you see, engage, manage and value them, because "Together WE win".

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