European citizens' Games

During the European year of Citizens 2013 and of the activities organised by the Joint ResearchCenter of the EC in Ispra:

Saturday 4 may 2013 ISPRA: the Joint Research Center of the European Commission will open his doors again to the public. The Open Day 2013 will be the occasion for a educational entertainment in line with the European year if Citizens 2013

Marco Laganà, Country Coordinator in Italy of the first European Citizens’ Initiative  (ECI) dealing with the education, named “High quality European education for all”, will attend together with Stephane Cordeil, President of the Association of the Parents of the European School in Ispra. The Parents’ Association is Partner of the MEET Association which has launched the ECI. The ECI asks for a Europe-oriented educational model from the primary level and culminating in aEuropean Baccalaureate for allClick here to support the ECI on the European Commission website

Games of young European citizens The students’ teams will be divided by nationality but with common values, rules and objective.

1)      From 10:00. at the registration by the Stand ICE-MEET placed at the JRC entrance, the students of teams of young European citizens will receive explanation and the relevant material for gathering the subscriptions by people above 18yrs. The signed copies will have to be given back to the Stand by 16:30.

2)      During the competition: players . They will explain to visitors their experience at the European school. They will talk about the meaning for them of an high quality European education (Multilanguage, interculturale etc...) and why it is positive to give all such an opportunity, by subscribing the only European citizens’ initiative (ECI) dealing with the European school.

3)      At 16:30, at the end of the games of young European citizens, it is intended to acknowledge and thank the national teams  with an Attestato di Partecipazione of the socalled “ Scuole di cittadini europei”.