Why is Trust a key success business factor?

“The Team Coach helps to change the corporate culture, by proposing trust as a key business factor.”

Seven ways to change my firm…and the world:
1) Live for others and not only for yourself.
2) Accept others' opinions and do not impose your own ideas
3) Share
4) Take every opportunity to learn and be a good example to younger people
5) Value your qualities…and recognise those of others
6) Feel part of a team and a big community
7) Respect and listen to others.

“Trust building requires focusing on values such as respect, reciprocity, transparency, and fairness. It also requires lengthening the decision-making horizon. To destroy trust is easy but to build trust requires a lot of time and effort. Many people do not have time because they prefer to be efficient, but risk a lot in terms of effectiveness and reputational risk. Trust can be seen as a bank account: it takes time to accumulate money but when trust is hampered, there is a bank run and money is withdrawn rapidly.”

“Team-CARE asks for a radical change of perspective. Team-CARE can be understood as a sort of Copernican revolution. Thanks to the Team Coach, one moves from believing that the centre is the team leader (Earth) to see the team (Sun) as part of the Teamsystem (Universe of stakeholders). It is no longer the team which is at the service of the team leader. It is the team leader, who may change over time, who is at the service of the team. And in turn, the team is at the service of the stakeholders.

The Team Coach in essence suggests higher attention to others and not to my own interests. The Team Coach will pay attention to:
- team conditions: team diversity is valuable if trust brings unity;
- team actions: team trust building, educational games for teams to win together etc.;
- team goals: collaboration, mutual learning, co-innovation and finally co-creation of value for the stakeholders."